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Take part in the YOUWHO Open Beta #1 starting July 28th, 2023, by signing up at Help break/test our ‘Global On-Demand Services’ mobile crypto app and earn bug bounty rewards and more. Rewards will be in the form of $USDT and $YOU tokens and will be claimable on the BSC chain immediately once the full production release of our app goes live.

What is YOUWHO?

YOUWHO is the first Worldwide Crypto based on demand services platform (eg maids, doctors, gardeners, rocket scientists, admin workers, the list goes on) that anyone can use and make use of.
The platform enables anyone to offer their services, earn income, and get paid in crypto anywhere in the world.

With the downtrend of the traditional financial system and poor economy worldwide, people are getting laid off everywhere in a scale we have never seen before, so the issue of making a living is extremely pressing for everyone. Therefore there are potentially billions of people worldwide looking for a way to make money with the skills they have. Our YOUWHO platform addresses this exact problem by providing them a place to offer their services in a peer to peer fashion.

Service Search

Search for the services no matter where you are.

Book Anywhere

All the worlds services at your fingertips immediately

Your Bookings

Manage and keep track of all your bookings in one place.

What is the Open Beta #1?

The Open Beta #1, which is launching on July 28th, 2023, is the culmination of all the app development that the YOUWHO team has been building over the past bear market. It follows the successful Alpha #2 testing which was completed in April, following which the team worked to fix all the bugs and errors reported to us by our testers.
This open beta is the first of its kind that we will be conducting, and will be the first time any one can take part in the project.
If you have not already done so, please sign up for the Open Beta #1 by clicking on the following link:

The Open Beta will enable all users to test almost all aspects of the app, including:

    • deposits and withdrawals
    • searching services
    • creating services
    • booking services
    • paying for services
    • reviewing and much more …

What do I get from testing?

First and foremost thank you very much for your interest in our project. The development team has been building diligently over the past bear market, and this open beta represents the culmination of the work we have put into building what we believe to be one of the most useful and revolutionary crypto apps to date that has a real world use case.

The development team need your help to test (and even break) the app and report back on any bugs and errors that you find. In doing so we will be rewarding testers with bug bounty rewards. The size of the reward depends on the severity of the bug/error up to $200 USD.
Bug bounty rewards will be paid out in USDT and YOU tokens, and will be claimable only after the production version of the app has gone live (currently slated for q4 2023). The rewards will be withdrawable to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and will come from the following contracts:

Customer and Provider

Switching between being a customer and providing your own services is done in a tap.

Add Your Service

Don’t just use other peoples services, create your own and start making money.

Crypto Wallet

Built in crypto wallet allows you to earn rewards, stake, send and receive payments, and deposit and withdraw crypto.

Stay connected…

We will be putting out more information and updates relating to the Open Beta #1 as we get closer to the launch date on July 28th 2023, so please visit our twitter or discord to stay up to date. Our socials can be found at the following links:

Thank you once again, and we look forward to seeing you in the Open Beta #1!

All the best from the YOUWHO team.

Welcome to YOUWHO!

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