17.7B YOU Tokens Burned

We continue our quest for transparency as we forge ahead with building the YOUWHO ecosystem and community. The YOUWHO foundation has taken the initiative to burn 17.7B YOU tokens, valued at $4.5M USD at the time of writing, which were originally minted as part of the Token Generation Event. These tokens were to be used as part of the development of the ecosystem, along with distribution as rewards and incentives to the community as per our tokenomics, more info here: YOU Tokenomics

The burn was successfully carried out on Jun-12-2023, and is the 2nd burn we have carried out to date. The transaction can be viewed on BSC Scan at the following link:

17.7B YOU Burn

The burn has also been reflected on our CoinGecko Token page which can be viewed here:

YOU On CoinGecko

While the core ideology of our tokenomics has not changed, what has changed is the method of token distribution. We will still be distributing YOU tokens as community rewards and incentives, however these tokens will be minted as required. The community will be informed well in advance of any such minting event, and announcements will be made through our Discord and Twitter, so please follow us if you have not already done so, to make sure you never miss any important announcements or updates.


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