what is youwho ?

Global On Demand Services Platform

YOUWHO is an ecosystem aimed at tackling Real World Problems by harnessing the amazing technology that is Decentralized Finance, we call this ReDeFi.

such problems we aim to tackle include but are not limited to: eliminating global unemployment, and banking the unbanked.

YOUWHO empowers users to earn a living, or make additional income no matter where they are in the world.

One of YOUWHO‘s main goals is to enable anyone anywhere to be their own Boss, and will achieve this by providing a suite of platforms for users to provide their products and services.

YOUWHO‘s ecosystem will initially be comprised of 6 Primary On Demand platforms (see below) with more added in the future…

YOUWHO wants to give power to actual users of the ecosystem, and will achieve this by implementing our proprietary Proof of Participation mechanism.

how youwho works

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youwho primary platforms

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YOUWHO goals

In its initial stage YOUWHO aims to help its users by tackling 4 main objectives :

  1. How can YOUWHO create income for people that have lost their jobs?
  2. How can YOUWHO users send and receive payments worldwide?
  3. How can the YOUWHO ecosystem be made safe and trustworthy?
  4. How can a tokenized ecosystem be governed by its users?

$YOU token

$YOU tokens are the official token for the YOUWHOTokenized Ecosystem, and will initially be created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as BEP20 tokens.

$YOU tokens can now be bridged between the BSC and Ethereum Chains by using our official $YOU token bridge

$YOU token stakers will be eligible to claim a portion of the fees collected by the YOUWHO Ecosystem.

Decisions related to steering the development team, deciding on ecosystem fees and rewards, and any community related decisions will be controlled by a DAO governed by $YOU token stakers and platform users equally.

Arbitration relates to resolving disputes amongst users. Token holders will be able to take part in arbitration and earn $YOU token rewards for their effort.

$YOU tokens will be rewarded real users of the platform. We have on going Community Events where users can earn $YOU tokens regularly. Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on these events!




$YOU vesting schedule

# tokens % total supply schedule details
Seed2.55 B5%Currently locked until 12 Junes 2028. Locked via TrustSwap, claimable on 12 June 2028
Founders2.55 B5%Currently locked until 12 Junes 2028. Locked via TrustSwap, claimable on 12 June 2028
Development2.55 B5%0% Minted
Operations2.55 B5%2.1% Minted
Marketing7.65 B15%0.6% Minted
Liquidity Pool2.50 B4.9%10.2% Minted and added to PancakeSwap at https://youlp.youwho.io
ICO1.90 B3.7%Fully distributed
Community (Incentives & Staking Rewards)28.75 B56.4%Tokens will be minted over time and be claimable by Users, Stakers and Participants of the youwho ecosystem, e.g. Users making a transaction and leaving a review via the ecosystem will be rewarded with a small amount of tokens. For more information please read our whitepaper at https://wp.youwho.io
Total51.00 B
  • LD: 24th March 2022 (Listing Date on PancakeSwap)
  • TGE: 11th March 2022 (Token Generation Event, the date the YOU token contract is created on Binance Smart Chain)
  • B: Short for billion
  • Tokens not sold during the ICO have been burned, further reducing the circulating supply

Get $YOU tokens

There will be 4 official methods of obtaining $YOU Tokens: ICO/Dex Listing, Staking, Rewards & Airdrops

Token Sales / Dex Listing

$YOU tokens have been sold to the public in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Following the ICO, $YOU tokens have been made be able to be purchased at various Decentralized Exchanges, starting with PancakeSwap.
Click the button below to purchase $YOU tokens on PancakeSwap

Buy YOU tokens

Staking will reward users in the following ways:

  1. Stakers will receive a % yield per annum in $YOU tokens. The % yield is flexible and will initially be determined by the core team, but later will be voted on by token holders.
  2. Stakers are eligible to earn a portion of the ecosystem fees in $YOU tokens, which can be collected weekly. Fees not collected by users for that week will be put back into the fee pool for the following week.
  3. Staking of LP tokens is now available, click on the button below to provide liquidity.
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$YOU Tokens will be rewarded for using and getting involved with the ecosystem, with the ultimate goal of bringing awareness, trustworthiness, safety, and security to the youwho ecosystem and its users. Initially, the following actions will reward users with $YOU tokens as incentives:

  • Rating & Reviewing fellow users
  • Arbitration between users
  • Bug & Bounty rewards
  • Sharing on social network
  • Affiliate links

Airdrops will be distributed to testers & users of the ecosystem. More information on how to get involved to receive $YOU token airdrops will be disclosed as development progresses. Be sure to stay connected with us to find out when airdrops will be happening.

Accordion Panel

youwho is a Decentralized Ecosystem to Live Self Employed. We aim to empower anyone to be their own Boss by combining the world’s leading marketplaces, social networks, and banking platforms such as Airbnb, Uber, Grab, Ebay, Amazon, Fiverr, Facebook, and Paypal under one ecosystem, while utilizing cryptocurrencies to settle payments worldwide.



Seree originally completed his Engineering Masters degree with 1st degree honors from the University of Auckland, NZ. Since then Seree has applied his engineering knowledge to the Crypto sector. Ted serves as the Development Lead for YOUWHO.

Barney Lee


Barney has been in the sales & management industry for over 30 years. He brings a wealth of marketing experience to the project. Barney enjoys investing in the cryptocurrency markets, and is also a food connoisseur having owned successful restaurants in South Africa. Barney will oversee the marketing for YOUWHO.

Brian Frost


Brian completed his accounting degree in Australia, and is a registered Chartered Accountant in Australia. He moved to Thailand and has since transitioned into the CFO role at a number of high profile companies. Brian serves as the Finance Head for YOUWHO.

David Bedford


David B. has run numerous successful businesses alongside his longtime business partner David Frost. David B. has a keen eye for spotting upcoming trends and investing in them at an early stage. David serves as the Senior Business & Legal Advisor for YOUWHO.

Job Offerings

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YOUWHO is looking for talented members to join our team.
The following roles are currently open for application.

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