Verify Email Address

To verify your email address simply follow the steps below.

Note that If you have not yet installed the YOUWHO app, you will first need to install it by following this guide:

Once you have installed the YOUWHO app you can continue with the steps below to verify your email address.

1. Tap the Account button

2. Tap the Verify your email button

3. On the next page tap the Verify your email button again

4. Tick Yes, I want to verify my email

5. Tap the Verify button

6. Open the email sent to your inbox and tap the Verify Email Address button

7. If you see a success message, this means your email address has been verified. 
If you see an error message please try repeat the steps above, and if the problem persists please contact us in Discord or email us for manual verification.

8. Open the YOUWHO app again and tap the refresh button at the top right hand corner of the screen.

9. If the orange message box disappears this means you have successfully verified your email. Congratulations!

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All the best from the YOUWHO team.

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