Founders and Seed Investors YOU tokens locked for 5 years

As the YOUWHO project moves forward and the community grows, we are taking the initiative to increase trustworthiness in the project by locking up Founders and Seed Investors tokens for 5 years using the popular defi app Team.Finance built by TrustSwap.

Using their independently audited smart contracts we have vested 2.55 Billion YOU tokens of both the Founders and the Seed Investors for 5 years, totaling at 5.1 Billion YOU tokens vested. These tokens will be claimable on the 12th of June 2028.

The contract for the token vesting can be viewed on BSCScan here:

BSCScan Tx Link
and at the bottom of the Team.Finance app site here:

Team.Finance Vesting Link

We trust this will bring an unprecedented level of transparency to the YOUWHO community as we continue to charge on with developing the YOUWHO ecosystem.


2 thoughts on “Founders and Seed Investors YOU tokens locked for 5 years

  1. Succeed says:

    I think this is the best cryptocurrency this year 2023. Very transparent, trustworthy. Do what they say they’ll do at the right time. Can’t wait for Beta 1 on July 28.

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