$YOU Token launched on Uniswap v3 on Ethereum Mainnet

YOUWHO Launches $YOU Token on Uniswap v3 on the Ethereum Mainnet. 

The $YOU/ETH token pair can be found at this link: https://youetheth.youwho.io

On the 20th of July 2023, the YOUWHO team officially launched its native $YOU token on Uniswap v3 (a decentralized exchange on the Ethereum Mainnet). 

This launch will allow investors to swap their Ethereum (ETH) & ERC-20 tokens for $YOU tokens.

This is a big milestone for YOUWHO and follows on from our previous listing on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). More information on the BSC launch can be found here.

YOUWHO being a Crypto Based On Demand Services Platform, will ultimately serve 4 major groups of people:

  1. Unemployed 
  2. Employed and looking for Extra Income
  3. Employed and looking to be Self-Employed
  4. Customers looking for Services

The Mission : End Unemployment and provide customers a user friendly peer-to-peer crypto-based platform to find independent service providers.

Our next step on this journey is the launch of our Open Beta 1 for our On Demand Services mobile app, which will be launching on the 28th of July 2023. More information on the open beta can be found here: https://why.youwho.io/ob1

We are grateful to have you along on this journey with us,



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