List with Nehal Salah

List your first listing in the YOUWHO app and get $5 equivalent in app $YOU tokens credited to your account straight away using the following Rewards code:


Note that If you have not yet installed the YOUWHO app, you will first need to install it by following this guide:

Once you have installed the YOUWHO app you can continue with the steps below.

1. After logging in, tap the Account button

2. Tap the Airdrops & Credits button.

3. Enter the Rewards code nehalS1 into the input section, then tap Submit.

4. After the submission process, you should see your Reward code appear.

5. If you have not completed all the requirements (such as listing a service, you can complete the requirements then come back and complete the rewards claim another time.

If you have completed all the requirements of the Reward code, you can collect your rewards by tapping the Complete rewards claim button.

6. After waiting for the claim to complete, you should see a success confirmation. You can now head to your wallet to confirm you received your reward!

7. Tap the back arrow button, to go back to the Accounts screen.

8. Tap of the Wallet screen button.

9. Scroll down and tap on the YOU token button.

10. Scroll down and tap on the first Deposit transaction. The details of the reward will be shown.

If you get stuck and need more help, please email Nehal Salah at

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